Medrosan Extra

DAVA Medrosan Extra is a cannabinoid medicine rich in cannabigerol (CBG)*. Although also considered full spectrum, it is THC-free, as it comes from a strain that is free of such a component

*Visit our “CBG – Cannabigerol” section, under “Scientific Materials” for more information.

Dava – Medrosan Extra is part of our range of full spectrum cannabinoid extracts, developed and manufactured by the pharmaceutical group Medropharm in Switzerland.

Information and Titration Guideline

Product origin: M-1881 cannabis extract
Production: Switzerland – Medropharm
Plant morphology: tall plants, unbranched growth,
small flowers.
Content: 5.0% CBG and 1.25% CBD. THC n.d.

Recommendations and CoA:

How to use: oral administration; Sublingual use is recommended for better absorption of the formula’s components.

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